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Silley Circuits LLC is New York's network for start ups and businesses in media, data, technology, finance, advertising, fashion, food, retail and other areas. Covering Silicon Alley - hence Silley Circuits - and more, we stimulate and nurture business, help raise capital and provide talent and professional resources. The goal is to collaborate and make the pie bigger.

We organize events, for exchange of ideas and insights, which bring together founders, investors, technologists, designers, executives, advisers, students and others who share a passion for creating and growing businesses. Our crew help with business, technical and financial strategies as well as design, advertising, marketing, social media, sales, legal, accounting, video, photography, event planning and other services. Silley Circuits and its crew may have business ties with speakers, event hosts, attendees and others.   

At our events we raise funds for Stop Soldier SuicideThe New York Writers' Hall of Fame and other charities. 


January 17, 2014. Rubin Museum of Art. Photo by Ethan Lowenthal. © All Rights Reserved.



Spencer Cheng, BA Economics Columbia University, volunteers as a consultant. He has experience working in branding, technology, and private equity companies in Shanghai, California, Hong Kong, and New York. 


Niall Chithelen, a drummer who creates digital music, works on the technical stuff. He is an undergraduate at Cornell.  



Rhea Ruggiero, an inventor of gadgets, including SmartPhoneCradle, is an actor, who videos Silley Circuits' events. She is a public speaking and acting coach. Her acting credits include films, Godfather II and The Good Wife, TV soap operas, One Life to Live, and All My Children, and Off Broadway plays, Broadway touring companies and the TV/Web action-adventure series The Tyme Chronicles. Rhea's principal national TV commercial clients include Charles Shwab and PNC Bank and she has done several commercials for Bob Giraldi, winner of numerous awards including Cannes Advertising and CLIOs.

Peter Roos advisor. Founder, inventor, and producer of digital content and tools since his days at the MIT Media Lab, Peter is developing Augmented/Mixed/Virtual Reality environments supported by patented 3-D UI design. He’s been a consultant to studios, owned and managed post-production rooms in NYC, produced network television, and developed original projects at his production company, Phase Four. An award-winning editor, he is a graduate of MIT and an MBA from Columbia University.


Ignatius Chithelen CFA advisor. He founded Banyan Tree Capital Management, a value investor in public equities. From 1993 to 1999 Ignatius was an analyst and portfolio manager at SoGen, now First Eagle Funds. A Chartered Financial Analyst, he has an M Phil in Development Economics and, from Columbia University, an MS in Journalism. He volunteers at the Lang Entrepreneurship Center at Columbia University and seeks to expand access to education and promote civil liberties. He is the author of "Six Degrees of Education: From Teaching in Mumbai to Investment Research in New York."  

Art, Music, Networking, and Cocktails

July 16, 2013 - Throckmorton Fine Art Gallery. Photographs by Daria Deshuk, for Daria's art work see:



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