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Why Design is more important in an age of smartphones?

Good design is more important today both online and offline due to the wide use of digital platforms as well as their distraction. This is seen from the ease of shopping on Amazon, which has pushed retailers from Walmart to Macy's to improve their online displays; the ability of Apple and Dyson to charge premium prices for their products; Hermes holding art exhibits in their physical stores to attract new, younger customers; and the increasing competition for admission to the top art & design schools.

These issues will be discussed by a Silley Circuits panel: Nancy Fire, founder of Design Works International; Tiago Estrada, head of Customer Experience at Atmosphere Proximity, a digital marketing company; Benjamin Williams, founder of Arsome Technology, which does digital brand promotions; and Janet Esquirol, who is creative director at TEDxFultonStreet and teaches at CUNY, as moderator. Cliff Schorer, of the Columbia Business School, will introduce the panelists.

Date: Monday September 16, 2019. 6 pm to 8 pm.

Location: Betaworks Studio, 29 Little West Street.


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