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Photos: Silicon Alley Networking. Throckmorton Fine Arts New York July 16, 2013. (c) Daria Deshuk

Photos Silicon Alley Networking July 16, 2013: Arts, Music, Cocktails and Fame.Throckmorton Fine Arts, New York City

Photos (c) Daria Deshuk. Technical help: Niall Chithelen.

Attendees, partial list, and in photos:

Joshua Beach
Max Brett
Doug Brundage
David Bullock
Clara Cabrera
Mike Campoli
David Cheung
Ignatius Chithelen Advisor Silley Circuits
Niall Chithelen crew Silley Circuits
David Conklin, videographer Silley Circuits crew
John Cravenho
Leah Cravenho
Margaux DelGuidice
Andrew Dermont
Daria Deshuk photographer Silley Circuits Crew
Jeffrey Fidelman
Kevin Fitzpatrick
Greg Folli
Jon Gelberg
Larry Gilbert
Sarita Gupta
Tracey Hoford
James Kardon
Marty Katz
Susanna Koning
Natalie Kryva
Donna Leatherman
Pamela Lubell
Nadia Majid
Peter Marino
Kyle Marshall
Douglas McClelland
Bacilio Mendes
Margaret Morton
Mark Murin
Gerald Odening
Truth Oladapo
Navin Pal
Joel Phillips
Mathew Robbins
Heidi Russell
Alfie Rustom
Pavan Sahgal
Esther Saka
Andrea Saturno-Sanjana
Louis Schwadron, guitarist
Patrick Scott
Susan Scott
Shalini Sharma
Derek Silverman
Emma Simon
Rocco Staino Silley Circuits crew
Khady Syllaba
Sonia Talati
Kirti Vaswani
Ryan Wallerstein
Jeremy West
Jeffrey West
Paulina Yick
Michelle Zhang

Photos in the Throckmorton exhibit, seen in this Silley Circuits post, include an 1858 portrait of Abraham Lincoln by Matthew Brady, a 1930s portrait of Marlene Dietrich by Cecil Beaton, a 1940s portrait of Frida Kahlo by Manuel Álvarez Bravo, a 1946 portrait of Mahatma Gandhi by Margaret Bourke White, a 1999 portrait of Liza Minnelli by Ruven Afanador and Francisco Toledo by Dirk McDonnell, 2006. Others include the Duke and Duchess of Windsor, Brigitte Bardot, Theodore Roosevelt, D. H. Lawrence, Salma Hayek, Pablo Picasso, Marilyn Monroe, Yul Brynner, James Dean, the Beatles, Kirk Douglas and Jean Michel Basquiat (with his cat).

Crew, Silley Circuits - the Silicon Alley Network.

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